Kristiina with Nao robot at home
Kristiina asks robot about Tokyo restaurant

Tokyo 2020

This robot tells me about hotels and restaurants near Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

The Tokyo 2020 Olympics will be held in the Tokyo Waterfront area, the same part of Tokyo where my research lab is located. The robot is telling me about hotels and restaurants near Tokyo 2020. It uses CityTalk, an application from CDM Interact, Helsinki.

This video is very short, but you can see a longer one below. In the longer one the robot first gives information about three different hotels, then he tells about several types of restaurants.

In this video the robot and the human have a continuous dialogue that lasts for 10 minutes. In the first part, the robot gives price information about hotels in the Tokyo Waterfront area in three different price ranges.

After the user asks about restaurants, the robot switches domains from hotels to restaurants. Then the human and the robot have a prolonged interaction in the second part of the video, about several different restaurants in the Tokyo Waterfront area that serve different types of food and are in different price ranges.

This prolonged interaction includes examples of speech recognition errors and of switching domains incorrectly, but the dialogue does not break down. During the course of the dialogue the robot provides descriptions, addresses and phone numbers for all the different types of restaurants that the user is interested in.

This CityTalk application was demonstrated at IJCAI 2018 (International Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence) in Stockholm.