Kristiina with Nao robot at home
Kristiina with robot at home

Finnish WikiTalk

At home with a robot. He talks fluently in Finnish about many topics using information from Finnish Wikipedia.
Talking with a Finnish-speaking robot at home.

This video shows me talking with a Finnish-speaking robot at home. He first invites me to say English if I want to use English, but I prefer to use Finnish.

He then tells me about a wide range of topics from Finnish Wikipedia. First I choose to hear about Muumit, and ask to hear more by Jatka, then I decide to change topic so I say Tarpeeksi.

The robot can switch smoothly to related topics, but it’s more difficult to switch to a completely unrelated topic. He tells me I can spell the name of a unrelated topic by telling the first few letters. I spell K-I-S-S-A and then he lists the Wikipedia articles that start with Kissa- and I choose Kissankello.

The robot switches to related topics when I ask about them. So I move from Kissankello to Niitty, then from Niitty to Kulttuurimaisema, and from Kulttuurimaisema to Maisemansuojelu, and finally to Punkaharju.

When the robot is talking you can interrupt it by touching a sensor button on top of its head. I did that and he stopped talking, said Anteeksi, and asked what else I want to hear about. I asked him to talk about Robotti (one of his favourite topics), then I moved from Robotti to Androidi.

The whole dialogue lasted about 12 minutes.